It Turns Out Michael Jackson Really Hated Prince

Their rivalry was kind of hilarious.

From Consequence of Sound:

It’s no secret Prince viewed Michael Jackson as a major rival, and there are numerous tales of him going out of his way to irk the King of Pop. A heated game of ping-pong ended with Jackson walking out of the room and Prince gloating, “Did you see that? He played like Helen Keller.”

It turns out Prince was not only a musical pioneer, but a Helen Keller joke pioneer.

When Jackson sought to collaborate with Prince on a song called “Bad”, Prince not only rejected the offer, he mockingly re-recorded the song and sent it back to MJ. When Jackson attended a Prince concert in 2006, Prince came out into the audience, walked right up to Jackson, and aggressively playing bass in his face.

I mean, considering Michael Jackson was a child molesting weirdo with a collection of porn that would probably freak out the doctor in The Human Centipede, I don’t really have a whole of sympathy for him.

Newly surfaced audio from 1988 hears Jackson discuss his disdain for Prince. The audio, obtained by Daily Mirror, was recorded as Jackson wrote his biography Moonwalker.

“I don’t like to be compared to Prince at all,” Jackson is quoted as saying. “I have proven myself since I was real little. It’s not fair. He feels like I’m his opponent. I hope he changes because boy, he’s gonna get hurt. He’s the type that might commit suicide or something.”

That from a dude who would grow up to be a plastic surgery addicted maniac with a pedophile ranch. Oh, how the tables turn.

“He was so rude, one of rudest people I have ever met,” Jackson reportedly added. “Prince is very competitive. He has been very mean and nasty to my family.”

Look at this interview with Chris Rock talking about why he turned down being in “Bad.” Prince was just not about it.

RIP Prince, musical pioneer, Hellen Keller joke pioneer, and pioneer of disliking Michael Jackson.

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Gary Glen Jr.
Gary Glen Jr.
5 years ago

No one talking about if the tapes actually existing or not i also find it odd how no one talk about Michael Jackson backstage at a Prince concert in 2007 with Ceelo green or how when Michael Jackson died Prince stayed up for hour’s with Tavis Smiley talking about Michael Jackson geniuses and showmanship how much he loved him did you know that the You suppose to be a gossip site but clearly you haven’t checked facts but yet you promote fictional bias let me ask you have you heard those tapes?? Of michael jackson supposedly bashing Prince? And… Read more »

5 years ago

In the end Michael Jackson was right and Prince killed himself with his drug addiction.

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