Justin Bieber Drops Bombs in Street Fight Caught on Tape

Justin Bieber is your newest UFC star. The misundestood one got caught on video in an all-out street fight. It happened Wednesday night in Cleveland outside his hotel.

TMZ says that he squared up against some dude. When the other guy threw a punch at Bieber, he countered with a right which led to a melee.

Several people were standing nearby and tried to jump in, but the fight ends up spilling to the ground.

Probably one of those people was his bodyguard, saving Bieber from either destroying the other guy or saving Bieber from a concussion.

No word on what caused the fight. Never thought anyone would say good job to Bieber, but good job, Bieber.

You know everyone out there wants to challenge him and get those bragging rights. “Hey, I fucked with a celebrity!” No one thinks a celeb will fight back. This time, one did. Now, the other guy’s gonna brag about whuppin’ Bieber’s ass. You just can’t win.

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8 years ago

The so-called reporter is obviously a beiber fan. Clearly in the video he was getting his ass handed to him. His body guard saved him. The only part missing was him being carried away while Witney Houston was singing “I will always love you”