Kylie Jenner Reveals New Lip Kit Shades: ‘I Just Blew Myself’ and ‘Expensive Blue Garbage’

Twitter hates it, but for the wrong reasons.

We all know that Kylie Jenner’s lip kits are an overblown piece of s**t with busted wands and an inconsistent formula by this point. If y’all want to feel like Kylie so bad you buy into that s**t, ya dumb as f**k. Her new shades are also unwearable as f**k for the average Walmart parking lot hang out American, and twitter is not having it.

I would wear both of these colors, but in a less shitty, less overpriced formula.

Hehe. Why be mad when you’re that hilarious?

So, when are we gettin that Kylie/Smurf sex tape?

Girl, you can wear whatever you want. Get the same colors from Colourpop for $5. Love yourself.

Yeah and that s**t is like a quarter of the price. F**k off Kylie with your jank ass wands.

If you have to spend a s**t ton of money on cosmetics, go with Jeffree Star. At least he gives a s**t about the clown makeup he’s peddling.

When can we stop pretending that Kylie Jenner’s s**t is a real makeup brand? I’m tired.

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5 years ago

Those are the ugliest lipstick shades I’ve ever seen.

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