Kylie Jenner Reveals New Lip Kit Shades: ‘I Just Blew Myself’ and ‘Expensive Blue Garbage’

Twitter hates it, but for the wrong reasons.

We all know that Kylie Jenner’s lip kits are an overblown piece of shit with busted wands and an inconsistent formula by this point. If y’all want to feel like Kylie so bad you buy into that shit, ya dumb as fuck. Her new shades are also unwearable as fuck for the average Walmart parking lot hang out American, and twitter is not having it.

I would wear both of these colors, but in a less shitty, less overpriced formula.

Hehe. Why be mad when you’re that hilarious?

So, when are we gettin that Kylie/Smurf sex tape?

Girl, you can wear whatever you want. Get the same colors from Colourpop for $5. Love yourself.

Yeah and that shit is like a quarter of the price. Fuck off Kylie with your jank ass wands.

If you have to spend a shit ton of money on cosmetics, go with Jeffree Star. At least he gives a shit about the clown makeup he’s peddling.

When can we stop pretending that Kylie Jenner’s shit is a real makeup brand? I’m tired.

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Those are the ugliest lipstick shades I’ve ever seen.

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