This Man Attempted to Assassinate Donald Trump, Failed Miserably

Michael Steven Sandford. Remember that name because he may go down in history as the world’s worst assassin. The 20-year-old is currently awaiting trial for attempting to assassinate Donald Trump last Saturday during a Las Vegas rally at Treasure Island.

Sandford went up to a police officer and told him he wanted Trump’s autograph. Then he tried to grab the officer’s gun and was promptly arrested. But, wait. It gets better. Sandford said he had been planning this for a year. An entire year! And this was the best plan he could come up with.

Not only that, reports say the day before the rally, Sandford spent the day at the gun range learning how to use a 9mm Glock. This is like when you forget you have a test and try to cram the day before.

He wasn’t totally crazy, though. He had a backup plan. He bought another ticket for a Trump rally in Phoenix in case he failed.

Even better? He was an illegal immigrant from the UK who overstayed his visa.

The only part of this assassination he got right was that he has a middle name. A five-year-old could have winged it and attempted a better assassination.

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7 years ago

Is it inappropriate to say “if at first you don’t succeed…”