Maybe Kanye’s New Billion Dollar Deal With Adidas Will Take a Chunk Out of His Debt

Or maybe not.

From TMZ:

Adidas announced Wednesday they’ve signed Kanye to a contract that will have a seismic impact on the sport and street fashion world. The deal calls for YEEZY retail shops that will hawk shoes, apparel, and accessories. We’re told he’ll also be designing athletic wear for basketball and football.

Considering Ye’s design aesthetic, I don’t have high hopes for how this will look, but even if it’s all ugly as s**t, it will sell like a motherfucker.

In addition to the stores … we’re told ‘Ye’s also getting his own design team made up of the best of the best in the industry.

Not all the top paid designers on Earth can change the fact that Kanye is crazy.

Our sources say it will take a few years to get the stores and merchandising up to speed, but the projections call for profits that could line Kanye’s designer pockets to the tune of a cool bil.

Considering the massive debt he’s been losing his s**t about lately, it looks like Ye could really use this.

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