Mel Gibson Plans to Resurrect Jesus in ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel

I bet the last time you saw Mel Gibson left a bad taste in your mouth. I bet you still aren’t really ready to see Mel Gibson again. We’re all kind of over it, though it seems like he doesn’t want to accept it.

Working with writer Randall Wallace, who helped Gibson win his Oscar in 1995 for Braveheart, the two will collaborate once again to resurrect the movie no one ever needed to see in the first place. Yeah, these two guys are about to join forces again to synthesize a Passion of the Christ sequel. Hollywood Reporter has the few details currently available:

Rumors swirled anew last month when Gibson was a surprise guest at Liberty University’s graduation ceremony to do an advance screening of Hacksaw Ridge and was asked about a Passion follow-up. He expressed interest in making a sequel but was not specific about his involvement. Wallace says demand in the Christian community influenced his and Gibson’s willingness to do another film.

So while nothing is set in stone, it seems like these two have given themselves the go ahead.

No studio or financial backing has been lined up for the project, which is still in the early script stage. But Wallace indicates there are several financiers interested in investing.

It’s every white man’s dream to play Jesus… I’m just bummed that Mel Gibson seems to be one of the few to see that come to fruition.

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