Amber Heard Ready to Testify Against Johnny Depp About Alleged Abuse

Johnny Depp has done what every rich man faced with consequences for his actions would do. He’s gone on vacation. He’s been in the Bahamas and has declined to make a statement on his behalf following the grave accusations of abuse against future ex-wife Amber Heard. And now the legal battles are continuing in court. Come Friday, it’s likely we’ll know more about what went down during what E! News keeps calling a ‘whirlwind romance.’

A source told Page Six:

Amber and two of her friends are willing to testify under oath about exactly what happened with Depp. This will put an end to anyone who has doubted her story and his lawyers’ claims that this is about money.

The two friends are of very credible status as well. iO Tillet Wright, Heard’s longtime friend, will testify under oath, following her recent essay on Heard’s abuse, as will neighbor Raquel Rose. Both claimed to have seen instances of abuse bestowed by Depp. Depp’s attendance at the hearing has been requested, but he is not legally compelled to sit through it by any means.

Heard had previously filed for $50,000 in monthly spousal support, but it has since dropped it for fear that it was taking away from her ultimate goals of breaking the cycle of abuse. She’s been quoted as citing her reasoning for dropping the spousal support request as it could be:

used against me to distract and divert the public away from the very serious real issue of domestic violence.

Again, Depp has made no comment except denying the abuse via his lawyers.

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Willy Billy
Willy Billy

Why does he have to say anything?

Willy Billy
Willy Billy

“Johnny Depp has done what every rich man faced with consequences for his actions”

She has not even filed a police report. What exactly is he supposed to do?

Willy Billy
Willy Billy

“The two friends are of very credible status as well.”

Not really. They didn’t even see the alleged abuse.


Abuse is not “bestowed”, you ignoramus.

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