New ‘Suicide Squad’ Posters and Mag Covers Will Make Great Hot Topic T-Shirts

It’s not just a phase, mom!

If you wanted to know what to buy your shitty goth 14-year-old family member who’s “so edgy” and “so dark” for their birthday all the Suicide Squad  merch which will soon be plastered all over your local Hot Topic will do great. All these posters and promo shots are just a delight.

Check out this Joker cover from Cinema Teaser:

When I watched The Dark Knight, my initial impression was totally that it would have been a much better movie if the Joker looked more like Kat Von D. I can totally see why Jared Leto compared Suicide Squad to Scarface.

I remember 8th grade when me and all my shitty friends had belts like that and dip dyed manic panic ponytails also just like that.

Tell them Jared Leto sends his regards.

For one thing, as a total goddamn loser, I am really excited for Deadshot. This movie still looks like it was made entirely based off the whims of a focus group of 14 year olds in 2005, tho.

This is almost too edgy for me to physically stand. Wow.  I feel threatened.

#Squadgoals circa ’07.

Sorry, but I am super distracted by how intensely they butchered Margot Robbie’s body in Photoshop. Cinema Teaser needs to insta-chill the f**k out.

[H/T Uproxx]

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