New Viral Craze #BoobLuge Challenge Is the Dumbest Thing I’ve Seen in at Least Three Days

Y’all don’t know what a challenge is anymore.

Back in my day, we had the cinnamon challenge. Motherfuckers would eat straight up cinnamon and vomit on camera. Now we have frat dudes pouring beer down a woman’s tits and slurping the runoff off her underboob.

That’s not a challenge. That’s not even remotely a struggle. At least with the ice bucket challenge we knew people were suffering.  And it was  to raise awareness of…something?

This is just some spring break ’05 bullshit.

Spring break ’05 bullshit that has a compilation video with millions of views. I am so tired of y’all. Where do men keep finding all these women to do this?

Check this out:

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