Nick Cannon Just Issued a $100K Rap Battle Challenge to Eminem

I wish I was that rich and that bored.

Nick Cannon may be one of the only successful people in Hollywood to manage to still be kind of irrelevant, and challenging a rapper who peaked over a decade ago without anybody noticing isn’t really gonna change that, but whatever Nick. Spend that change.

From Uproxx:

In a recent interview with British DJ Tim Westwood, Canon unveiled his plans to host the ultimate rap battle before the BET Awards, set to take place June 26th. The entrepreneur wants each competitor to put up $100,000 of their own money and he already knows who his first challenger should be: Eminem.

Ooooooooooooooh, girl. Ain’t you seen 8 Mile?

The real reason for the call-out may be due to the decades-old beef the two share over Canon’s ex, Mariah Carey. For anyone who has completely forgotten those petty but oh-so-dramatic music squabbles of the early ’00s, Carey stirred up some controversy with her 2009 single “Obsessed,” which many believe was aimed at Eminem.

If that’s real, this is some petty s**t. And I doubt Slim Shady will take the bait.

The Detroit rapper retaliated with his own diss track, “The Warning,” which Canon, who was married to Carey at the time, took offense to. Canon released his own single that responded to the feud a year later, but no one seemed to notice.

Yeah, that’s because Nick Canon is not exactly a revolutionary rapper. He’s a talented dude in a lot of ways, but he’s not even on old and sad Eminem’s level as far as rapping chops.

Don’t be dumb Nick. Damn.

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5 years ago

Hi I am Nick Cannon, you may not remember me because I am a talentless clown but I think I am great at something. I have not figured it out yet but am willing to take on Eminem in a rap battle just to be relevant again….

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