Nina Peterson Could be the Most Successful Sugar Baby

Nina Peterson, 37, is a sugar baby. A sugar baby is a woman who is spoiled monetarily by a usually older man. She’s made over $1 million doing this. She’s one of the world’s most successful sugar babies. She’s had 3 nose jobs and 4 boob jobs. Her 34D breasts are now 34H. Peterson says they are 8 pounds worth of boobs. Is this something other men desire? I am so confused. Nothing makes sense anymore. Why can’t I be a sugar baby?!

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7 years ago

Really sad. Her mentality is sad. She is glorified prostitute no matter how you look at t. ct that her daughterinspires to be like her us sad. She should ant more for herself and her children. We all like nice things and who wouldn’t want to be rich. But at what cost. For just lying on ur back. Msg she just sounds like a whore who wants a free ride. She looks terrible. She looksflooksfake and plastic.