Orlando Nightclub Shooter’s Father Blames Club Security for the Deaths

My what a weird time to be alive. Yesterday we heard some of the horror surrounding Seddique Mateen, father of Pulse shooter Omar Mateen, and what he had to say about his son’s actions. We got:

All homosexuals will be punished by God

and in very Brock Turner fashion, none of what the son did is his actual fault.  In the grossest interview I’ve ever seen, Mateen says that he blames the night club’s poor security for his son’s murderous success.

The club, (with) 300 or 400 people … coming – they should have good security. If there was good security, he wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

Why the law enforcement team was so late – they should have neutralised him quick … This should not have happened.

…Obviously if (the club) had that kind of experience, they should have had better security and after this any club should have security.

They should protect people that come in the club.

“Where was the security?” the fuckhead asks. Like we should all be so terrified of guns all the time. But maybe that’s our reality. Maybe if we’re going to stay in this stalemate of no legislation, no actual attempts to curb our problem with gun violence… maybe we all just have to be terrified and hypervigilant at all times. I’m scared, hbu?


Full interview below:

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7 years ago

No doubt this guys father is a fine example of differing cultural views of Middle Easterners and traditionalist Muslim values. In any case I’m not scared of guns but the people willing to use them for terrorism. The call for a watchlist ban wouldn’t have worked as this guy wasn’t on a list at the time leading up to the shooting and weapons purchases. That also doesn’t look at the due process rights implications that even the ACLU recognizes as an issue with the legislation. What we should be focusing on is HIPPA reforms and improving the FBI background check… Read more »