Our ‘Hot Felon’ Is Out of Prison and Serving Up Some Selfies During House Arrest

Jeremy Meeks, our favorite felon is out of prison, he’s gotten himself signed and he’s already on his Instagram flex game. I stalked last night when I discovered his first head shot and well… the rest is history.

What I’ve learned? He’s on parole and currently serving on house arrest. But that’s not really what’s important. I’ve learned that this is a man that didn’t walk into great mug shot lighting and just happen to get a good pic out of it. This is a man who has a body and he knows exactly how to work it. It might not mean much to anyone other than us dumb stupid millennials but this dude has gone from gang-related arrests to 387k Instagram followers. That’s a presence.

And he fucking deserves it. If looks are merit, then that’s all that you need in this world. Check it out.

I would like to see him the face of a campaign by the end of 2017. Quote me.

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5 years ago

Jesus H., dry your panties.

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