Richard Simmons Hospitalized for Acting Weird

Late Friday night, Richard Simmons was hospitalized for exhibiting bizarre behavior. Which is strange considering he’s weird enough as it is. He’s like a child on a constant sugar-high popping Adderall. His enthusiasm borders on creepy. Like, what are you so happy about all the time? There’s gotta be something wrong with you.

Sources tell TMZ paramedics rushed to his Hollywood Hills home after a visitor was creeped out by the way he was acting. More than usual, I presume. Medics told him to take his ass to the hospital for evaluation. He was discharged Saturday morning.

TMZ speculates Simmons may have had a stroke or was showing signs of dementia. That or he may have not greeted his guest with the usual, “OMG! HI! YOU HAVE TO COME TRY THIS KALE SMOOTHIE!”

Simmons has been doing the Howard Hughes thing for the past 3 years. He’s disconnected from everyone including friends and family who’ve started worrying about him.

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