Richard Simmons Supposedly Had a Sex Change, Goes by Fiona Now

I think I liked it better when the media ignored trans people entirely because they get shit on enough without any help from the National Enquirer. Even if this is real, you don’t out a bitch.

The National Enquirer, which is totally known for never making shit up ever, is claiming that Richard Simmons is going through a little more than just being kinda weird lately.

From The Daily Mail:

The 67-year-old’s publicist Tom Estey told Daily Mail Online: ‘This is cr**’, after the National Enquirer published claims that Simmons had gone through a series of invasive surgeries and is now going by the name Fiona.

Sure he has.

They also reported that he had been to seen a medical consultant about castration during his self-imposed exile inside his Hollywood mansion while also printing pictures of him cross-dressing on a ‘girls’ nights out’.

I 100% believe all of this. Apparently, the National Enquirer talked to Richard’s friends and they all had a lot of weird shit to say about his new genitals which is totally shit you would say about your friend.

‘He had a boob job, and his breasts are like he had been taking hormones to make them grow.’

Another source told the Enquirer he is considering having a ‘vagina built by doctors’. They also said that Simmons ‘never really felt comfortable being a man.’

Apparently, Richard Simmons‘ family is not happy with this, as it conflicts with their medieval Catholic ways, and no one has come forward confirming anything. Even if it’s real, you don’t out a bitch. Thank you for your time.

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