Safe to Say, Tom Hiddleston Is Not a Fan of Kanye West

You get more Taylor Swift press! You get more Taylor Swift press! Where does it even come from? Well, this particular brand of press is continuing to be stoked by the fires that be inside Kanye West.

Last week, Kanye premiered the visuals for his controversial “Famous” song off TLOP at the Forum in Inglewood, CA. In the mostly still video, based on Vincent Desiderio’s Sleep painting, lying naked were Anna Wintour, Bill Cosby, Rihanna, George W Bush, Donald Trump, Amber Rose, Cailtyn Jenner, in addition to Kanye and wife Kim. But of course the most talked about figure of the film was Taylor Swift herself. It was jarring. It was the event of the century. The publicity stunt of the year. Of course, Kanye was behind it. Swift has yet to speak for herself publicly, but that hasn’t stopped sources from coming clean about her and her new bae’s thoughts on the subject. One of those sources reminds us how shitty it can be to be single:

Tom has been wonderful during all this [‘Famous’ drama]. Taylor was concerned about Kanye’s video the past week, but he’s really kept her mind off of it and had her focus on happy things

Ooooooo, like lots and lots of sex? Or maybe something more tame and #relatable like kitty snuggles and Gilmore Girls?

He’s been her knight in shining armor lifting her spirits. Tom is probably more upset than Taylor if that’s possible. He thinks Kanye is classless.

Oh, to be British and have your entire human value rest on the consistency of manners. But hey, it seems like Tom is totally on board with everything that comes with riding the Swift train. Less than two days after the video’s premier, Taylor and Tom fought back with some more kissing pics.

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5 years ago

Safe to say, Loki really doesn’t care. It is nothing but PR for both of them. He never looks happy with her, and she is always in fake mode for the cameras. She has no chill. Not really.

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