Sports Illustrated Model Joy Corrigan’s Naked Breast Popped Out

Joy Corrigan is 28 which in model years is the back nine. Time to hook up with an NBA player or rich golfer. In the meantime, Corrigan still hits up the beach for photo shoots and shows off her bikini body.

It’s so awesome that you can see her ribs in some shots. I won’t be satisfied until I can see the outline of a model’s whole skeletal structure though. One skeleton, two boobs.

She was wading around in the ocean with her top off. Topless Joy Corrigan. Corrigan couldn’t cover her boobs all the way. Her right boob made a break for freedom a la Harriet Tubman. Glorious.

Here are a couple of pics to whet your appetite. The rest are in the gallery. Now go find a quiet corner to silently creep.

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7 years ago

Nice fuckin’ titty!