Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Requires Special Protection in Jail

This is to be expected. Brock Turner, the Stanford Rapist, has entered into the Santa Clara County Jail. Officials have confirmed placing Turner into special protection away from the general inmate population. Everywhere he goes, a deputy will accompany him. Make sure to hold onto that deputy’s belt loop.

Who else is included  in this “protective custody” unit? Sexual assault criminals, LGBT inmates and gang dropouts. And to think, Turner used to attend Stanford. Total 180. What an idiot. Now, he has to worry about getting raped. With Turner, it’s usually been the other way around.

According to officials, Turner requires protective custody, not because of his high profile case, but due to the nature of his crime. Buuut, obviously, there’s bragging rights and a possible bounty on him inside that jail.

On the flip side, think of all the networking he’ll get done in there.


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