The ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer from Netflix Will Blow Your Mind

I keep hearing about Peaky Blinders and how people love it but I started watching the first episode and I couldn’t make it through. Point being, not everything Netflix releases will grab everyone by the balls. Except for this. This looks awesome. Stranger Things is a throwback to 80s supernatural classics. The series isn’t just about a kid who disappears but also about government experiments, the supernatural and some weird girl with a shaved head.

It’s like someone watched The Explorers, E.T. and Super 8 while high and thought it’d be sweet if there was a series that combined everything from those. Spoiler alert: They were right.

Thank god this doesn’t have everything cool from the 80s. I don’t know how I’d feel if they threw in a little Gleaming the Cube.

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5 years ago

Nice :)

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