Student Stages Braless Protest After School Gives Her Shit for Not Wearing a Bra

Is Piers Morgan the principal of this backwater Montana hellhole?

From The Daily Mail:

High school senior Kaitlyn Juvik was called into the school office for an alleged dress code violation after she allegedly made others feel ‘uncomfortable’ by wearing an off-the-shoulder black T-shirt without a bra.

Bro. It’s just tiddies bro. Chill.

Kaitlyn had a beef with the school and took it up with her fellow students, who staged a massive braless protest.

You go. Fight the man. Fight ’em hard. Free that tiddy.

Kaitlyn, who said she was not wearing a bra, claimed it was wrong of the school to address her about her underwear.

Yeah. It was. Focus more on teaching your students and less on trying to make them feel ashamed for existing and being female at the same time. Focus more on teaching them something, which I’m guessing in Montana is probably cow-related, and less on their tiddy. Bro.

Speaking during the silent protest, in which she was joined by fellow female students who went to school bra-less, she said: ‘What I was confronted about was wrong…

‘As long as nothing is showing and you’re covered up, girls should not have to wear a bra,’ she said in a video posted on  ‘The fact that I was told it makes people uncomfortable offended me because it’s my body,’ she told MTN during a gathering outside the school. ‘It is my natural body and I’m not sure why that is uncomfortable to somebody.’

Amen. Look at this. You can’t even see anything.

Kaitlyn Juvik

[Image: Facebook]

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Jo Rose
Jo Rose

My girlfriend has enormous breasts & she never wears a bra. I don’t like it when guys stare at her but it’s her life & she is free to do whatever she pleases.


How old is this high school student?

Marc Silver
Marc Silver

She needs to be more concerned with covering that face


Dumb whore should have been expelled. You are in school to learn (which she is not doing), not to get your freak on. Just look at that face…clearly a whore with daddy issues.


I would have to fix my eyes on her breats when the titty bounce up and down. I dont like it on public places like schools. Pack up your tits and go home!

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