Taylor Swift Begins Her Career as a Wedding Singer

Taylor Swift’s breakup with Calvin Harris seems to have already impacted her career as one of the world’s most famous performers. Most likely reeling from slumping record sales not even a week later, Swift has had to start crashing weddings to ask for side gigs as a wedding singer. On Saturday, she performed at the reception for two very unfamous people, Max and Kenya, alongside other musical dignitaries such as DJ Mike.

Taylor Swift performs for Max and Kenya

Taylor Swift arrived and performed live and unannounced for Max and Kenya's wedding reception on Saturday, with DJ Mike in support. What an amazing and great occurrence to happen to these two great people on their special day! We wish so much love and success to our wedding couple, and give thanks to Taylor and her brilliant performance for making our bride and groom's day absolutely unforgettable……..

Posted by Mike Klebacher on Sunday, June 5, 2016

Swift gave a solo performance of Blank Space on an electronic keyboard as she is no longer able to afford any percussion instruments that she could convince children to bang on. In spite of this, Swift still killed it.

If you’re wondering, Max and Kenya didn’t mind her crashing their wedding at all. This was sort of a semi-planned surprise. In April, the groom’s sister used an antiquated form of communication (which Swift loves, loves, loves) to tell Swift about how the two married in his mother’s hospital before she died so she could be part of the occasion. Obviously, this touched Swift’s heart more than a Nick Cassavetes movie.

Suffice to say, all parties involved were thrilled about this thing that happened. The newlyweds get to tell their future disinterested children a story about “that time a famous singer from a bygone era crashed their wedding and performed for them” and Taylor Swift gets to go home with 6 bags of Meow Mix as payment.

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