Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Were Making Out

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris split weeks ago after their relationship became more stale and predictable than Reddit’s r/The_Donald. But not to worry people who thought Swift was going to start hate-writing in her burn book. She’s rebounded with Tom Hiddleston fairly quickly.

The two were spotted partying together last May at the Met Gala having the whitest dance-off you could imagine.

On Wednesday, The Sun released a new photo showing the two of them making out on a bunch of jagged rocks. A setting often deemed the most romantic place two people can ever make out at other than in front of a papermill.

After the photos came out, Swift and her ex, Calvin Harris, unfollowed each other on Twitter and deleted all evidence of their relationship from their Instagrams save for one photo of their anniversary trip. Like I tell all the women who say they have much dignity to sleep with me, “Don’t worry. If there’s no evidence, it didn’t happen.”

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