Tila Tequila Launches Pro-Nazi Twitter Attack on Sarah Silverman

First off, I don’t believe Tila Tequila is real. So take that into account when reading this story. It’s a very real possibility that this person doesn’t exist at all. Anyway, Tila Tequila came into popularity sometime¬†around 2007 and stuck around vaguely until the beginning of 2009. Then she disappeared. For the most part, we stopped thinking about her entirely until she reappeared this year on Twitter. After a racist rant about Jennifer Lopez, she backed off a little bit too. Probably took a vacation. Maybe went to the psyche ward and had a relapse because now she’s coming at comedian Sarah Silverman.

First part of the calculated attack was Tequila retweeting everything from Silverman’s account. Then…

That’s a vicious subtweet if I’ve ever seen one. But she didn’t want anything up for interpretation so she tweeted directly at her. Everything that happens from here on out is as wild as it is and unfounded.

It just keeps going… and going and going….

(ok kinda same on that one)

Sarah chimed in real quick with an attempt at poise:

Ever so much in character, Tila responded:

This is all simply too much. A big heaping case of too muchness:


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7 years ago

…She understands she’s Asian right, and that Nazi’s don’t like people that aren’t Aryan?