Trump Supporters Shocked to Discover What Discrimination Feels Like When No One Wanted to Serve Them at a Restaurant

F**k these bitch ass white people.

From Uproxx:

After working up an appetite cheering at a series of empty, nonsensical slogans a Trump rally, the Virginia clan found that not every restaurant is willing to serve the #MAGA [Make America Great Again] crowd.

Can I say: HA!

When the Riggs’ stopped in at the fast food chain Cook Out, they found that the employees were less than enthusiastic about feeding the presumptive GOP nominee’s supporters. Spotting their pro-Trump gear, the workers initially argued over who was going to serve the family.

That’s what you fucking get for walking around in your Trump shirt, which is pretty much the same as walking around in Swastika with your S.S uniform on. I wouldn’t give a goddamn Nazis any fries either.

Riggs’ stupid hick cousin Lauren Wolfrey was shocked to find out what discrimination feels like.

“Once you witness [discrimination] first hand, it’s a totally different experience. I was in a state of shock.”

What a delight it must be to be that white, confused, and clueless.

What a delight.

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5 years ago

So if someone refused to serve someone with an Obama shirt that would be cool? He is bordering socialism. Socialist have committed mass murders to gain and maintain power. Na, you guys would cry racism.

5 years ago

Editorial fail. Referring to Trump supporters as “goddamn Nazis” is libelous and possibly actionable. Labelling them “stupid” and “white, confused, and clueless” doubles down on her ad hominem attack without an argument in sight.

I won’t call Ms. Teich racist; she’s just ignorant, illiterate, and irrelevant.

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