Vanessa Hudgens Is Out Here Culturally Appropriating Again

Vanessa Hudgens, queen of expensive bohemian flower child bullshit, has struck again. The chick who puts on every controversial item of cultural appropriation for the sake of a powerful free spirit social media presence has found herself some more trouble following an Instagram post with the High School Musical star clad in a dreamcatcher headdress.

Here’s the pic in question and people are pissed. One commenter wrote:

Why are you like this??? You constantly go out of your way to disrespect cultures to look ~ boho. It’s rude as f–k. Don’t put dreamcatchers in your hair.

And to that I mouth a truuuuuuuuuu. But not everyone was jumping the gun to call her out. Everyone seems to have their own thoughts on cultural appropriation and in my circles the conversation usually takes a turn towards too much coddling of our generation. So another user jumped to her defense:

Y’all need to relax. And stop being so uptight about the culture appropriation.

Vanessa, we mean well. We just want you to know you look ridiculous.

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6 years ago

As a Native American, seeing people whine about this is just silly. Did you personally have much input into the creation of the dream catcher, Allie? Are you personally judge and jury of who can and cannot wear one? If we didn’t want people wearing them or have them hanging from their walls and rear-view mirrors; WE WOULDN’T PRODUCE THEM AND SELL THEM. You owe Vanessa an apology for your childish outburst. You have no more of a say on the appreciation/celebration of cultures than anybody else. Grow up or sit your butt down, kid. Get a life. Perhaps only… Read more »

6 years ago

I honestly do not get the cultural appropriation nonsense. I’ve bought several dream catchers from Navajos on the highway stretch between Page, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ for my girls. So I guess if they wear them they were appropriating them now? Plus, I thought the huge push in the 1990’s for diversity and cultural appreciation on college campuses across the USA was so people could learn about and appreciate aspects of different cultures and heritages, rather than exclude then? But I guess not. The modern trend is for many minority groups to want to be exclusive, not inclusive and to… Read more »

6 years ago

Cultural appropriate this: You all need to die #NuclearWinter2016

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