WATCH: Ben Affleck Throws On-Air Temper Tantrum About Deflategate

The whole world is out to get Tom Brady and Ben Affleck has appointed himself as the sole proprietor of his defense. Affleck appeared on Bill Simmons’ new HBO sports talk show, Any Given Wednesday, for who knows what reason. Anyway, the premise of the show is basically for Simmons to invite two or three famous people to talk s**t with him about the inner workings of the sports world. When Affleck was asked about his beloved Patriots football team and the Deflategate controversy, he went off. One-sixth of the entire episode is Ben Affleck looking like the break up took a toll on him, but hoping that this show might make him meme-able for a few days. He’s paranoid first of all:

All these guys come from organizations that Tom Brady has beaten over the last 10/15 years and they’re rooting for the Jets…. the Broncos…

It’s an inside job! The NFL wants the Pats to lose! Then he started talking like Trump:

I talk to fucking football players, pro football players. Across the board they think it’s bullshit.

You’ll have to watch the full interview to get a real sense of this clusterfuck, but one thing for certain is that Ben Affleck is passionate about his Patriots. And even though Brady has yet to make any public comments about his suspension, Affleck already know his inner thoughts:

Maybe it’s that Tom Brady is so FUCKING CLASSY and such a FUCKING GENTLEMAN that he doesn’t want people to know that he may have reflected on his real opinion … of some of his co-workers.

Watch it. And laugh. This is an Affleck I can get used to.

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