Italian Woman Burned Alive by Scorned Ex-Boyfriend

Here’s a story that your racist perversions are going to tell you occurred in the Middle East. Some place that like couldn’t possibly have white people. So let me just tell you right off that bat, this is a story that took place in Italy. A 22-year-old woman is now dead in the ground (maybe not in the ground, Catholics take a long time to have funerals) because her ex-boyfriend took it upon himself to take ownership of her life.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Vincenzo Paduano, 27, confessed to killing Sara Di Pietrantonio on Sunday morning, reportedly walking off his job as a security guard around 3 a.m. to wait for her outside her current boyfriend’s home. She left alone, and Paduano followed in his car, forcing her off the road as she tried to drive away.

When Di Pierantonio stopped her car, Paduano entered the vehicle where an argument occurred. Paduano then doused Di Pierantonio and the car in alcohol. The woman ran for her life while Paduano ignited the car before finally catching up with her and lighting her on fire.

Jezebel reports:

Prosecutor Maria Monteleone posits that Paduano’s motivation for the slaying was that he “didn’t accept being abandoned.” The pair had dated for two years.

F**k we all have issues and so few of us know how to deal with them.

A nearby surveillance camera shows multiple cars passing by the scene as Di Pietrantonio screamed for help. Monteleone notes that had someone stopped, her life might have been saved.

Ahhhhhhhh how can the bystander effect still be real? Didn’t we all have to endure D.A.R.E.?

[Images: Facebook]

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