Azealia Banks Defends Bleaching Her Skin, Twitter Is Not About It

We all know Azealia Banks is a mess. And this is just the latest in a long line of s**t she’s done this year to piss people off. Does she even make music anymore? Or just get ignorant on the internet.

While she got kicked off Twitter for hurling racist slurs at Zayn Malik, her new deal of talking about how skin bleaching is the same as getting a nose job has Twitter out to get her.

Considering Lil Kim just gave herself a race-ectomy due to pressures from our shitty society, the fire Azealia Banks is coming under is not surprising.

I speak on behalf of white people everywhere when we say we don’t want her ass either.

Yeah, nobody is ever gonna buy anything from this clown anyway. I can’t even name one of her songs.

Oh my god. This bitch.

Yeah. Pretty much. Honestly it’s not really even her fault. We’re all at fault for this.

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5 years ago

Speak for yourself, you self-righteous ass. I’m not to blame for this.

Capt Cornhole
Capt Cornhole
5 years ago

Do you think she bleached her brown-eye too?

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