Charlotte McKinney Breaks Up With Cheating Stephen Dorff

Not even Charlotte McKinney’s breasts could keep Stephen Dorff’s eyes from wandering. It goes to show that being even a C-list guy celebrity has its benefits. You have McKinney in front of you every day and you’re still like “Nah, you’re a bore. I’ll go with this other, fresher busty blonde.” Rinse and repeat.

According to Page Six:

“He was fooling around with other women,” said a source, who added of the Carl’s Jr. model, “Charlotte has been dating Stephen for a while, but he carried on ­texting other women and inviting them over to his house on the beach in Malibu.”

Is this a surprise to McKinney? Why settle with one when you can have ten?

Also, Dorff parties a lot.

“July Fourth weekend . . . there were all these random people in his house. Charlotte has had enough of him,” the insider said.

Guess McKinney will have to go be boring with someone else.

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7 years ago

I think she just realized that Dorff hasn’t done anything to raise her profile, and she got more attention from being papped with low life skirt chaser David Spade. So of course she made a business decision.