Ciara Scared That Future Will Murder Russell Wilson

There’s nothing I love more than couple drama that has nothing to do with me. And while we don’t hear about the Future-Ciara-Russell Wilson love triangle all that much, it’s definitely quality over quantity. We already know that the former couple in Future and Ciara are in the midst of a defamation lawsuit filed by the Body singer and unfortunately Russell Wilson is sidelined for that legal drama, but I have some good news for you voyeurs out there. Per TMZ

Ciara just filed legal docs in her defamation lawsuit against baby daddy Future, in which she lays out various threats Future has made. In particular, she notes the football emojis with guns pointing in their direction … which Future posted a while back.

In the lawsuit revisions, she cites not only social media posts made by the rapper against the elite football player, but also goes so far as to quote Juice, a new song by 2016’s favorite rapper:

Tryna f*** my baby mama, dog what’s up with you? You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you.

And yeah, that does sound threatening. But Ciara knows Future. He fathered her child, of whom everyone affectionately calls “Baby Future” so she’s either really trying to f**k Future’s day up or she’s genuinely terrified that he could have her boyfriend killed. I’d like to remind her that rappers are showmen just as much as other performers. They rap about trapping to make ends meet, yet for years, they’ve been making millions. Some things don’t add up and some things are just for street cred.

However, I am not a good person and I want this feud to continue developing.

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