Cinemark Wants the Aurora Victims to Pay For Being Shot

Remember that horrible night in 2012 when human garbage can James Holmes walked into a screening of The Dark Knight Rises with multiple firearms with the intent to kill as many people as possible? Yeah, f**k that night. I’m still angry about it and I hope you are too. But if you, like me, need a steady stream of new and fresh things to be angry about, I have some angry news for you! As per MovieWeb:

Last month, a Colorado state jury officially declared that Cinemark, which is the third largest theater chain in America, is not to be held responsible for the fatal Colorado theater shooting carried out by James Holmes in 2012.

That sounds kind of good. We probably should have better security (maybe, I don’t know) in public places, but it’s not the movie theater’s fault that a man decided to shoot a bunch of people. What’s about to make you mad is that following the ruling, Cinemark had the gall to ask the plaintiffs (AKA the victims of the Aurora shooting) to reimburse them for legal fees. And what’s fucked up…. it’s entirely within their legal right to do so.

State law in Colorado allows the winning side in a civil case to seek redemption for acquired legal costs and court fees. This is true of many states throughout the U.S. Cinemark won their state case on May 19 going up against a 6-person jury. The jury delivered a unanimous verdict that stated the chain was in no way responsible for the massacre, not even partially.

Let me remind you how fucked up that is. The plaintiffs of this case were fucking shot at while trying to look at Christian Bale. That is a sacred time.

Among the 30 victims that Cinemark wants legal fees from include two families whose sons heroically saved others in the theater, a woman who had to hold her own intestines in after being shot, and a boy who was shot in the head.

Business as usual, I guess. But now we have a new social media movement. Join the angry tweeters with #BoycottCinemark.

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