Conservative Twitter Rushes To Melania Trump’s Defense After Everyone On Earth Calls Her Out For Ripping Off Michelle Obama

I for one am totally shocked that white people allegedly steal s**t from black people. And then other white people try to distract from the theft with their sticky little mayo straw man hands. I almost can’t believe it. This has totally never happened before.

Considering Donald Trump openly hates anyone darker than weak tea, Melania’s almost word for word rip off of Michelle Obama’s ’08 Democratic Convention Address at the RNC hits levels of irony that these other supposed rip offs can’t even touch. But aight. Devil’s advocate me Complex:

Melania was mocked on Twitter from Monday evening into Tuesday afternoon, but some came to her defense, claiming that President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden have pulled similar stunts in the past.

A dude even posted this tweet showing Obama borrowing lines from some other dudes. Check it out.

I don’t know. There’s borrowing a few lines and then basically changing four words of a whole speech and calling it yours. I don’t think this touches that.

People tried to call Obama out for plagiarism like this:

But it didn’t fucking work.

However, Patrick later came to Obama’s defense and reportedly┬ádismissed the plagiarism allegations. The president said Patrick allowed him to use parts of his speech, but forgot to give credit. “I was on the stump, and he had suggested that we use these lines. I thought they were good lines,” Obama said, according to CBS News.

They also pointed out the Joe Biden got wrecked in the 80’s for ripping a large part off a British politician’s speech in one of his own little gib gabs, but I honestly don’t get the argument here. Does other people doing fucked up s**t make Donald Trump’s mail order bride doing it less shitty? Is that what they are trying to say?

Conservatives, amiright?

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7 years ago

The wife speech at the convention is super dumb. Always has been. Melania’s was as dumb as any of them. But hey, I am sure the media will felate Bill after he gives the husband speech for Hillary. Because if Dems love to do anything, it is to suck Bill Clinton’s cock.

Of course, they have to wait in line behind Lewinsky and the underage girls at Jeffrey Epstein’s sex island, which Bill went to at least 26 times.

Pucker up Isadora. Bill is ready.