Daisy Ridley Has to Work out With a Pillowcase Over Her Head, as If Working out Wasn’t Already Enough Work

Working out is hard work. Being alive is hard work. Work is hard work. What do you do when you have a divine intention to do all three? Daisy Ridley found the answer.

The twist is that she ran to the gym between shoots for Star Wars: Episode VIII, and therefore was obligated to cover her head with a pillowcase in order to shield her “REY HAIRSTYLE” from “Instagram’s gaze.”

Hiding it might be the most obvious spoiler of all, but shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The pillowcase solution is as novel as it is brilliant. It’s likely breathable cotton which prevents her sweat from breaking down the hairspray. It’s soft enough that it doesn’t pull on the strands and produce frizz. Lol, can you tell I sleep with a pillowcase wrapped around my ‘do yet? I could write endlessly about the benefits of proper hair care, but instead I direct your attention to Daisy’s instagram page.

I should probably stand up or something.

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