Demi Lovato. Twerking.

I liked that video of her falling better but this is still ok.

From BroBible:

It definitely doesn’t seem like Demi Lovato is reeling after her recent breakup with Wilmer Valderama. In fact, it looks like she’s doing just fine.

Yup. I would call that fine. She could be any Kardashian.

Or any Jenner.

I guess we’ll never know.

Much too tacky for a Jenner. Nevermind. My bad.

The singer is currently on tour with whatever Jonas brother is the most famous one right now, and took some time to showcase her twerking skills backstage during a wardrobe change, and whaddaya know, FIRE BURNING ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!

I don’t actually think that’s even twerking. But what do I know? I’m white.

Thanks, Demi.

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