Disney Cut These 16 Dwarves From The Original ‘Snow White’ Because Their Names Were ‘Too Offensive’

Walt Disney was a fucking Nazi supposedly and no one in the 30’s cared about anything, so I’m real stoked to see where this goes.

From The Mirror:

Original art work from Snow White has revealed 16 other dwarfs didn’t make the cut – because some of their names were too offensive.

Excellent. No one in the 30’s gave a s**t about anything. Let’s get to this.

Some of the rejected dwarves were Tubby, Baldy, and Deafy.

I get Deafy, but being bald is offensive? Really. Is it 30’s slang for dick or something?

Disney producers ditched the dwarfs, along with Shorty, Wheezy and Lazy, before the film was made.

Imagine a dwarf named shorty in a kid’s film in 2016. The outrage, man.

Now, 32 pieces of work that were withdrawn from production have gone up for auction, and sold for a cool £80,000.

The sketches were on sale through Bonhams in New York, where one lucky bidder got their hands on the rare pieces.

Wow. £80,000 is at least more than $5.00. Or maybe not. Brexit fucked everything up. Or maybe it just fucked England and Lindsay Lohan up. Whatever, I’m a sarcastic prick not an economist.

The other dwarf names that were cast aside are somehow also kind of benign but also offensive at the same time.

Other dwarfs that were cast aside include Jumpy, Dizzey, Hickey, Gabby, Nifty, Sniffy, Swift, Puffy, Stuffy and Burpy.

Pretty sure some of these aren’t offensive at all and just kinda suck. Eventually the producers settled on making their names more about their personalities than physicality, which is a pretty good move. Happy and Sleepy work a lot better than Puffy and Shorty. Thanks Disney.

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