George W. Bush: America’s Embarrassing Uncle

You can’t choose your family, but you did choose your president.

One of the burdens of the office of the president is having to deal with past living presidents. Obama might have the biggest burden of all in having to actually know and be around George W. Bush. The rest of us have the luxury of hating him from afar, but POTUS and FLOTUS have to be sneakier about their pure, unadulterated hatred towards the man who seems to think the United States of America is his stage.

Watch Dubya dance on the stage during a song meant to commemorate the lives of the five Dallas police officers lost just last week. Dance on their games, Dubya! Dance, dance, dance ’til you’re dead! Eyes will roll. Eyes will roll.

They just look… embarrassed. How could this have happened?, their eyes seem to say. And then Twitter came in with the gifs.

He doesn’t care! He hasn’t died! It’s all fine!

Now, if you need something to get you through the rest of today, let it be this collection of the 43rd President of the United States demonstrating blatant disregard for life to sustain you.

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7 years ago

And yet, he gave a much better speech in Dallas than Obama did. Which pretty much sums up the last 7+ years. Obama loves to pontificate in ways that pretty much always miss the mark, while Bush is a goof, but hits the mark when it matters.

Oh, and being President would suck.

7 years ago

Mission accomplished…? Not yet.
He does hit the mark. Its a mark that keeps on hitting the bottle.