‘Ghostbusters’ Toys Aren’t Even Selling

It’s no secret that Ghostbusters is probably going to be the worst movie of the year. The ‘blockbuster’ summer film doesn’t debut until next week but after its trailer became the most disliked YouTube video in history, the Melissa McCarthy movie did not really get any good press.

But what are the ramifications of that? I’ve already been invited to three ‘making of Ghostbusters‘ movie events because apparently lots of people I associate with think we need to see this and we need to learn from it. So…. Ghostbusters might still make something in the box office, but franchises are intended to have a legacy. Merch out the wazoo. Toys. Memorabilia. However, Page Six has some bad news. One observant source tweeted:

LOL toys for #Ghostbusters movie already on clearance. Was $19.99. Now $13.98.

Now at that price, I’d be more willing to buy a Kate McKinnon figure. I think we need more female action figures. But the flop of the movie and discount of the toys does not come unexpected according to one Reddit user:

It’s not surprising. The stores are good at sensing turds.

However, it seems as if only the action figures were affected. Other items from the new line seemed to sell but only those that took the form of the original movie.

Three toys from the line sold, all classics from the first films, including the Ghostbusters car, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the Slimer ghost.

I still buy into the misogyny argument. People are feeling this movie because it’s about women. But it’s also a bad movie with a lot of bad ideas. It deserves to flop this hard.

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6 years ago


Are you trying to tell me young girls generally don’t have an interest in action figures?!

Who would have thought……

Movie is going straight to the bargain bin.

6 years ago

Another whiny feminist…make your own stuff instead of hijacking “evil” white male franchise.

5 years ago
Reply to  Anonym


Without a name brand to latch on to, who the Hell would see ‘Generic grrll pwrr movie #644’?

Jeremy Lock
Jeremy Lock
5 years ago

Still buying into misogyny argument? Well obviously this writer is a biased feminazi. Perhaps it flopped because: it was an unnecessary remake, it wasn’t funny at all, the director and Sony executives basically told the fan base that they were losers. Did you take any of that into account? How about the fact the movie is made by Paul (I hate men, but I am one) Feig. What about the fact all the male characters are either incredible stupid who just draw boobies all the time, or complete asshats. The icing on the cake is shooting the last guy in… Read more »

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