These Guys Streamed Their Own Shooting on Facebook Live

Live video is coming whether you like it or not. For every guy getting hit in the nuts for your enjoyment or yet another #BlackLivesMatter protest, there’s going to be stuff like this.

Police are looking into a Facebook Live video which was recorded right when three men were shot in car in Norfolk, Virginia on Tuesday. The video starts with the three listening to music when suddenly 30 gunshots rattle off.

After what seems like an eternity, a man can be heard asking someone to call 911. “We need an ambulance, there’s three of us shot.”

Miraculously and possibly because people who do this like to hold their guns sideways, all three are still alive. Two have life-threatening injuries and one has non-life threatening injuries.

So far no word on why the three were targeted but it’s probably not because they were shooting vertical video. That would just be an extreme overreaction.

Disturbing video below.

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