Gwyneth Paltrow Wants to Consciously Uncouple From Goop

Paltrow told a bunch of suits at a business summit that she wants to disassociate herself from her own lifestyle brand: Goop.

What? Why? It’s not the brand. It’s her. She told everyone at the 2016 Sage Summit that she was holding it back.

From The Daily Mail:

‘In order to build the brand I want to build, its scalability is limited if I connect it to the band,’ she conceded.

Yeah, because people think you are an out of touch bitch. Your easy smoothies that contain moon dust and your suggestions that all moms just get personal assistants will win you zero friends out of your tax bracket.

‘So I always think how can I grow the brand, how can I separate myself from the brand and I think it’s going to be more its own brand.

Maybe get somebody working there who didn’t come from a rich family if you want anybody to think Goop has anything to do with real people.

‘More and more I would like it to be its own brand – my dream is that one day no one will remember that I had anything to do with it.’

We’re a few gold dildos in to deep for that Gwyn.

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