How Taylor Swift Got Special Treatment From Instagram on Those Snake Emojis

A lot of people were wondering if Taylor Swift was doing the control freak thing she’s now famous for and controlling the comments on her post in order to stop ex-fans from taunting her with snake emojis, and now they got their answer.

From The Daily Mail:

Taylor Swift has reportedly been given an Instagram tool to block out abusive fan comments on her social media account.

The Times report that the secret weapon enables her to shape the comments about her on her social media profile, rather than contact them about each one.

I mean, everyone is pretty sure she trades Mark Zuckerberg free concerts for Facebook control hacks. Of course they are.

According to Instagram, Taylor isn’t the only one that’s got access to this fun new thing, though. It’s all just real bad timing.

As well as Taylor, Instagram are testing a tool with a group of accounts who have high volume comments to help them prevent/manage abusive or spammy comments.

A source told MailOnline it’s not about stifling debate, but more about finding effective ways to prevent inappropriate comments or online bullying.

People across social media are calling out Instagram for letting Taylor delete all the snake emojis she wants, but ignoring people that have to deal with actual hate speech and threats. All in all, this is just a mess. I weep for Tom Hiddleston’s brand.

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7 years ago

Just more BS

7 years ago
Reply to  flying777

Instagram would not let Swift supporters post hearts ether i was blocked for 48 hours after posting hearts. I got the same screen and rejection that the snake posters got…