Jai Courtney Trying Desperately to Out Method Act Jared Leto While Filming ‘Suicide Squad’

Ah, more s**t about this made for Hot Topic movie that’s supposed to make me think it’s, like, so cool.

In a new interview with Empire, Jai Courtney let in on all the fucked up s**t he supposedly got into to get ready for the role of Captain Boomerang in the upcoming Suicide Squad. For a character no one knows or cares about, it’s kind of a lot, honestly.

As quoted by Yahoo Movies UK:

Jai Courtney has revealed he put out cigarettes on his arms while high on drugs during a Skype call with his director.

“That night I happened to eat some mushrooms,” explains the actor who plays Boomerang in the film, “and I did self-inflict some burns.”

Ugh. I mean, maybe if I was fifteen I would be impressed by how #deep that is or something. Apparently, the way he came by the character’s look was also #avantgarde. I just want to know why all these fucks are trying so hard to make a franchise cluster f**k into some kind of artistic statement.

“I turned up to discuss my look, expecting we’d have a long discussion and slowly he refine it,” says Courtney, “David [Ayer] just walked right in, picked up some clippers and started shearing chunks of hair off my head, Eventually he said, ‘You look like bad news.’ Then he left.”

Wow. Honestly David Ayer was probably too busy masturbating about how great Jared Leto is to bother with anything more than that.

Can this movie come out and be terrible already? Please?

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7 years ago

I remember when all an actor needed to do was just, yknow, fucking act?

7 years ago

I am a Jared Leto fan. He does good work as an actor, is a legit musician as well, and very talented. His honesty is refreshing as well. Seems to have matured as a person the last 15 years.