Katy Perry Has Had Enough of Taylor Swift Hegemony, It’s Time for Her Diss Track

You’re never too old to be a mean girl. That’s not what they told me in primary school, but it’s one of those universal truths of life. You are never too old to be a mean girl. Hollywood is Mean Girl Mecca. And what do mean girls do best? Feud.

And who’s our favorite feud? Kim K and Taylor Swift, of course. And since Taylor and been preoccupied with Kim/Kanye and new beau, Tom Hiddleston, it’s the perfect time for longtime enemy Katy Perry to catch her least favorite bitch off guard. Radar Online reports:

Katy Perry’s new album is on the way and she’s been buried in meetings with her label execs over at Capitol to make sure it blows her competition out of the water.

Since Taylor Swift snuck “Bad Blood” onto 1989, I guess in mean girl politics, it’s only fair that Katy sneak a diss onto her upcoming album.

Katy has written a scathing response and intends to make it a single. It will reference some of the things she feels Taylor has done to play her peers against each other.

Didn’t these chicks get the memo? It’s cool to be nice again. And it’s cool to love your sisters.

  • Yamini

    Lol..good one..

  • dmr

    none of this is true

    • Michael85

      Big titty hoe got rekt

      • T-Bobby Bob

        Now I realise you can take the moral high ground on unproven allegations. Moron.

        • Michael85

          Woody Allen is still a pedo and Katy Perry si a dumb hoe. These are not mutually exclusive.

  • AussieDan

    Sits reading with morning coffee, “Kary Perry may have admitted defeat in her feud with Taylor Swift…” *pauses in mid-sip* ‘T.Swift propoganda, wonder if Jeremy wrote this?’ *scrolls up* ‘Yup. At least he’s consistent.’

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