Katy Perry Throws Her Hat Into the Taylor-Calvin Feud With Some Twitter Side Eye

Okay, so Taylor and Calvin broke up. Taylor moved on. Calvin is out here putting out hit single after hit single. You’d think all is well, but being petty is timeless. It’s my brand. It’s my existence. It’s everything. Since tweeting generates more press than private text messages, that is exactly how our two favorite exes have chosen to communicate from now on.

Yesterday, we got the definitive answer that Taylor was, in fact, Nils Sjoberg–the genius behind Calvin’s hit ‘This Is What You Came For”–when Calvin took to Twitter for confirmation, but amidst his rant about Taylor’s backwards methods of taking credit, he went for the real dig. Taylor has cultivated this sweet, girl next door, definitely-not-your-high-school bully persona who just has had the darnedest time finding love and friendship in this cruel world.

It’s common knowledge that Taylor and Katy are sworn enemies. It’s also well known that Katy might just be Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporter. So what better way for Katy to get her share of this press by jumping into the ring with a Hillary Clinton reaction GIF. Enter Katy:

Then with the ultimate nail in the coffin, Katy definitely had her assistant go through a year’s worth of tweets to pull out this guy for the retweet:


[H/T BroBible]

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5 years ago

Finally. That contrived 4th of July catalog photo shoot was so awful. Time for people to see her for what she is—a huge fake.

5 years ago

Can’t stand Swift. The poster child for passive-aggressive-mean-girl-bulls***

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