Kirsten Dunst Says Her Dead Grandmother Came Back as a Hummingbird to Talk to Her

Kirsten Dunst recently did an interview with LA Times talking about her work in Fargo, which reminded everybody outside of me and 8 other film snobs who she is. Turns out she’s liking being remembered. Check it out.

[Laughs] I remember I went to that same Bloomingdale’s at the Fashion Square mall in the Valley and I was perusing the shoe section and one of the women came up to me, sweetly, but also curt too, saying, “I miss you in film.” And meanwhile I had done “Melancholia.” I had done films, just not the kind normal audiences would ever seek out and see. So doing “Fargo” was such a relief. People were actually seeing my work.

Yeah I guess the kind of people that keep spending their hard earned money on sequels of sequels of rehashed garbage aren’t gonna go watch some crazy Lars von Trier bullshit.

My only wish is that my grandma could have seen it. She’s from Minnesota and she passed away before I did all this. That was the most heartbreaking thing for me watching it. My grandma would have gotten such a kick out of “Fargo.” We were very close. I was born on her birthday.

Kirsten thinks her dead grandma contacted her via hummingbird which isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve heard a celebrity say lately.

It’s not like I felt my grandmother’s presence on set. I did have one blatant moment with her though … with a hummingbird. I was driving home from a friend’s house and this hummingbird was in the middle of the street and it wouldn’t move. And it forced me to stop my car. I drove home and told my mom what happened because that’s not in the nature of a hummingbird to do that. They’re always dashing around. And my mom realized that it was the day my grandma passed. So I think it was my grandma saying “hi.”

Cool story, bro.

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
6 years ago

That’s kinda cool. I’d come back as a tampon just to get up in her cooter.