Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Are Over, but I Think We Already Knew That

Love is dead. After five long years of love and lust, Lady Gaga and her now ex-fiancé, Taylor Kinney, have called it quits. We’re behind on the times because apparently the two broke up earlier this month, but it wasn’t until yesterday in Cabo that we found Gaga on the road and without a ring. Now if it were just that, we could explain that away. She’s in a foreign country. She’s working with underprivileged children, she might not want to show off that huge rock Kinney gave her last year. However TMZ has noticed a pattern as of late:

Gaga and Kinney have been noticeably absent from each other’s lives lately … at events and on social media. Gaga was seen without her engagement ring last week in Malibu — the same day Taylor celebrated his 35th birthday.

If my years as a social media stalker have given me any knowledge, it’s that when the posts stop coming, the love has stopped flowing. Sorry to see this one go.

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