Lindsay Lohan Tries to Slay the Instagram Game but Only Slays Herself

Didn’t she learn anything from Mischa Barton?

Using human tragedies to post pics of you posing seductively with some Hallmark Card captions is not a good look. It doesn’t matter how thin and rich and white you are.

Lindsay Lohan learned that the hard way with this garbage.

For one thing it makes no sense.  For another thing, how you gonna do a tribute post and reference a literal military coup and and almost a hundred deaths while sprawled on your bed looking like you are waiting for the pizza man to come so you can get a large sausage?

People on Instagram were less than impressed, and dragged her to hell.

“Tone deaf, but then again, what could be expected from you?”

Very real. Wasn’t she gonna convert to Islam despite never reading the Quran last month? Lohan doesn’t know anything.

“SO insincere and such an in appropriate photo! WHo are you trying to impress with this picture? The people of France who have had loved ones killed nad inured as a result of this terrorist attack? Have some common sense respect!”

Yeah, have some common sense respect, Lindsay Lohan. Lay off the crack and binge drinking a second.

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5 years ago

Would that she could take a photo without her fingers in her mouth.

If tribunals were convened for crimes against social media, Lindsay Lohan would be on her way to Nuremberg.

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