Lindsay Lohan’s Engagement Is Off! Millionaires Need Apply

It’s hard out here for a child star. The odds are stacked against you and you’re more likely to be a tragic headline than a happy one. Today, we have a little bit of both for Lindsay Lohan following her weekend drama with her now ex-fiancé Egor Tarabasov. Who’s to say what really happened? LiLo took it upon herself to return to her roots as a messy bitch and expose the snake who had been constricting her for too long.

[Ed. note: Tarabasov moved all his stuff out of Lohan’s London apartment and a source added, “They are taking a break, she didn’t want him trespassing in her apartment, but he went in and took all his possessions.”]

After teasing a pregnancy via Twitter, posting photographic evidence of her hooker-buying-cheating-fiancé and dealing with The Sun leaking the early morning drama on her rooftop balcony, LiLo has probably made one of the first proper decisions for herself. She took to instagram to address us.

Lindsay, I love you. I’m here for you. But please keep being messy.

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