Margot Robbie Didn’t Like Vanity Fair’s Profile on Her Either

When you’re Margot Robbie, for every way that your life becomes easier, it becomes proportionally more difficult with fame. Vanity Fair is a magazine of prestige–a magazine of note, there’s fluff, but it’s not a fluff magazine–which is why its latest profile on Margot Robbie is so insulting. When you once had writers like Joan Didion on your staff, it becomes all the more disappointing when Rich Cohen has a shot at publishing. Remember when I ranted about the profile Cohen felt was worthy of the virtual ink it was printed on? Remember when I said it wasn’t?

At least one person agrees with me and it’s the only person that matters. Here’s Margot Robbie talking about the shitshow that is that profile.

F**k you, Rich Cohen.

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