Mariah Carey Still an Obnoxious Diva Even Though She Hasn’t Had a Hit in 10 Years

How blessed are we to live at the same time as Mariah Carey? This bitch is an OG diva. She knows what she wants. She takes it. And she does whatever she wants with the expectation of all questions being answered with, but I’m Mariah.

Ok, let’s set the scene. You’re having a fabulous dinner at Ristorante Aurora on your fabulous Italian vacation when all of the sudden “Touch My Body” starts playing through speakers you hadn’t even noticed before. Fog machines turn on. You might see someone faint. Just when you start to get impatient, she walks in towing along a billionaire fiancé just lucky to be in her grace.

It’s the kind of entrance straight out of 2002 flick because Mariah is the kind of personality that only makes sense in 2002. With a posse the size of a Kardashian family dinner, Mariah’s music kept playing. One source adds that when one of Mariah’s guests requested a more upbeat song, the staff switched to “Fantasy” and it was the best.

A person at the famous restaurant speculates that Mariah had “brought the playlist and asked the restaurant to play it.”

And the diva was in a terrific mood. She had everything she had requested so she thanked her fans with some pics after her meal. She’s an inspiration.

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wow the world is dying


Nothing here to warrant calling her the b-word.

(And “lucky to be in her grace”? )

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