Matt Damon Tried to Make Small Talk With Prince and It Went Just Like You Would Expect

I fucking love Prince.

From Someecards:

GQ recently asked some famous people to share thoughts and stories about Matt Damon for a profile piece about the star of the upcoming Jason Bourne. There were spectacular contributions from Martin Scorsese, Bill Simmons, Sarah Silverman, and Damon himself.

All the American people want to know is that Jason Bourne wants to take away their guns. Profile this, hippie.

But the best was from his Bourne costar Julia Stiles, who described what happened when they met the late Prince:

Does it end in a game of shirts vs blouses?

After The Bourne Ultimatum came out, there was a premiere in London. Prince actually came to it, then got tickets for the cast to come see him [perform]. We were summoned into a room to meet him [after the show]. Matt said, “So you live in Minnesota? I hear you live in Minnesota.”

That is the weakest small talk attempt I have ever seen in my life. Though to be real if I had ever attempted small talk with Prince, I probably would have just burst into tears. I wonder if Matt Damon burst into tears after Prince responded by saying:

I live inside my own heart, Matt Damon.

Fucking Prince, man. RIP. Rest in purple.

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